The Public Middle Market

By innovating on market structure and design, Nivelo is building a new venue for midsize companies in the US to go public and stay public, and for all investors to share in the value they create.


Midsize companies are the steady engine of the American economy: they generate a third of US GDP and employment, and are a major driver of economic growth. Historically, they have also been one of the greatest vehicles of wealth creation for investors in the public markets. 

Yet, over the last two decades, public listings of these companies have all but vanished. Midsize companies have lost access to the capital and liquidity provided by the public markets, and public-market investors have lost access to the opportunities presented by these investments.  

Our goal at Nivelo is to bring midsize companies and public investors back together on a new — and fully compliant — market, radically redesigned to address the needs of both and align their interests. In other words, we are building the new American public middle market.